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Jindi Resources would love to share with you some fact sheets and templates. Check back with us as we will be adding more “free stuff” in the future.

Using questioning in training

As a trainer, good questioning is one of the most useful tools you can use. Questioning can encourage engagement and you can gauge a person’s understanding.


The demonstration model

When demonstrating a skill use the demonstration model, It helps the candidate learn effectively by following each step.


Organising your presentation

You need to be as organised as possible for your presentation. Read this fact sheet to learn more about the nuts and bolts of organising your presentation.


Task breakdown

The process of task analysis involves breaking down a task into its component parts. This helps identify the steps and procedures for a particular task or skill and structures the training logically and in sequence.


Mentoring plan

The Mentoring Plan is an agreement that provides all parties with guidelines on how they should proceed with the relationship. Mentoring plans describe the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved and set timeframes and objectives to help the parties achieve their goals.


Breakdown of an assessment meeting

Having a structure for an assessment meeting will help you conduct a quality workplace assessment. Look at all of the meeting steps in this fact sheet.