At Jindi Resources we are Master Trainers that love what we do.  We use a learner centred approach to all of our training which means it’s all about you. By being an active participant you will be able to experience things first hand, developing problem solving skills, encouraging collaboration and making learning more fun.   

There is always something new to learn and experience whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner. We can help you reach your potential, reinforce your skills and knowledge or to see things in a new way.

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Train the Workplace Trainer

Great trainers are an important component to any workplace.
An organisation may have subject matter experts, supervisors and managers who train their people, but often they do not have the practical skills and up-to-date training strategies to do this well.

The Train the Workplace Trainer Masterclass will give you the tools and techniques to design engaging and exciting training sessions and deliver workplace training with confidence.

Snapshot – 1 day $700 pp (inc. GST)
Masterclass - 3 days $2,100 pp (inc. GST)

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Train the Workplace Assessor

An organisation will invest a lot of time and money in training its people; after all people are their greatest resource. However, how do you know that the training was effective, that there was a transfer of learning to the workplace and that learners have the skills, knowledge and abilities to be able to do their job. The only way to do this is to conduct workplace assessment.  

This Masterclass provides you with a systematic approach to workplace assessment and the tools to implement a comprehensive plan of what needs to happen after training has taken place to ensure you have trained, competent people.

Masterclass - 1 day $700 pp (inc. GST)

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Mentoring for Success

An organisation is exemplified by its people and needs to nurture them, assist them to grow and through this make a positive contribution to the organisation.  

Many organisations are implementing a formal mentoring program for their people that provides opportunities for them to be guided and supported via a mentoring process, where a mentor makes themselves available to assist with the development of a mentee through regular planned meetings and additional guidance.  

This Masterclass will focus on equipping you to take on the role of mentor by taking you through a guided development process.

Masterclass - 1 day $700 pp (inc. GST)

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Coaching Essentials

A critical part of many job roles is having the ability to coach other people. Through coaching we give people the opportunity to unlock their potential and develop and grow their skills and abilities to boost their performance to make a positive contribution to the workplace.

This Masterclass provides you with a framework you can use to plan your own coaching activities as well understanding the key factors that impact on a person’s ability to learn and grow in a role.

Masterclass – 1day $700 pp (inc. GST)

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What about adding the Mentoring for Success 1-day Masterclass?
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Presentation Skills

Great presenters get noticed and being able to present is a highly sought after skill.

Many people are anxious about getting up and talking in front of other people but there are some simple action steps you can take to help you master your nerves and deliver a presentation which is engaging and convincing!  

Our Masterclass covers all these action steps and gives you the opportunity to deliver a practice presentation whilst getting easy to adopt suggestions that will transform your next presentation.

Masterclass – 2 days $1,400 pp (inc. GST)

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Productive Meetings

Have you ever been to a meeting and thought “what a waste of time” or “not another meeting”?  You are not alone.

Workplace meetings are one of the best ways to communicate with people.  If they are done well agendas will be achieved, participants will feel empowered and projects will be on track. However, if done poorly they are big time wasters and stop real work from happening.

Consider how much time you spend in meetings each week and how productive they were. Were the meeting outcomes achieved? Were all of the meeting agenda items covered effectively with action items and deadlines? Were you motivated and energised by the experience?

No! Then this Masterclass will show you how to hold collaborative, productive, on track meetings, utilising everyone’s time, skills and experience.

Masterclass - 1 day $700 pp (inc. GST)

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Developing Leadership Potential

Being responsible for other people and their work is a significant challenge. This program assists you to develop yourself in a leadership role and develop others through building respectful relationships.  

It will show how to model appropriate behaviour and develop strong work teams through the use of communication skills and motivational techniques as well as the capacity to set and achieve objectives. This learning will take place with a focus on examples pertinent to the types of responsibilities participants face.

Masterclass – 1 day $700 pp (inc. GST)

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Coming soon

We are currently developing a series of micro-learning sessions based on the World Economic Forum’s recommendations for the 10 skills a workplace will need by 2020 as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

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"Excellent training, thank you.
Great experience with anecdotes and responses to queries."

- Ross P, VicForests  

“Great presenter, really engaging.”

- Dana H, Deakin University Student Association

“I was lucky enough to have Sandra as my trainer.  With a blended delivery of online content and weekly Skype one-on-one sessions, I found this learning experience to be one of the best of my adult life.  She set me challenges and workplace assignments that made the learning very relevant and effective.  Her various training techniques were both stimulating and innovative, which was extremely advantageous as I was able to use these same techniques with my Trainees.”

- Tracy W, Ayers Rock Resort

“Simply 10 out of 10.  I would undertake another course with no hesitation.”

- Adrian M, City of Parramatta Council

“A great day.”

- Justine Y, Liverpool City Council